Why You Need Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

You can indeed make dryer vent cleaning a DIY job. It will save you a lot of money, but only if the duct is of manageable length. Regular dryer vent cleaning can help you prevent fires, save on electric bills, avoid costly repairs, and prolong the life of your clothes dryer.

There are thousands of fires caused by dryers in the US alone. The main reason for this is the failure to clean the ducts and vents. Hiring a professional dryer vent cleaner is indeed an investment. But the money you spend is money save on expensive repairs in case a fire did ensue.

When Should You Clean Your Vents?

The frequency of cleaning the vents depends on how much you use the dryer. Your situation is different from your neighbor’s or anybody else. Again, you can clean those vents if it is short enough and the DIY cleaning kits can cover the entire area. If not, you should hire the experts in dryer vent cleaning Ypsilanti MI. In most cases, you might not even have to use a kit. If you can bring your arm inside the vent, then you can clean it on your own.

However, some vents span 30 feet and they can wind through the attic and basement, with plenty of bends and elbows along the way. These are the complicated vents that are best handled by professionals. Cleaning dryer vents requires the use of flexible rods so that all lint and debris are removed. Aside from brush sets, handheld drills are also used to push lint out of the vents. If you’re going to buy these kits, the average price is around $30.

DIY Dryer Vent Cleaning Issues

The usual problem with brush kits is that they get stuck and wedged in the ductwork. It’s tougher if you have flexible ducts instead of the metal ones. It’s because the creases can catch the brushes and you can no longer pull it out. Sometimes, the professionals are called not to clean the vents but to remove the stuck brushes.

When brushes are stuck in the duct, then it’s a major issue. Sometimes homeowners try to remove stuck brushes out but end up getting the handle off. That means there’s no way to get the brush out. If the brush kit isn’t long enough to cover the full length of your ductwork, don’t attempt cleaning it. Remember that an elbow or bend in your ductwork adds five feet to its length.

Why Hire the Professionals

The clogs on your dryer vent will only get worse if the rods or brushes can’t reach the ductwork’s full length. You’ll just be pushing the lint and not removing it. If the lint ends up getting trapped in the wall pocket, it’s more difficult to get it out. Without the right tools, small clogs can get worse. You also have that risk of damaging your ductwork.

To be sure of your safety, it is best that you hire the professionals to clean those ducts and dryer vents. It’s better that way, especially if you’re buying those kits anyway. You might as well invest in professional cleaning.

Can You Clean Dryer Vents on Your Own?

For most homeowners, their honey-do list never gets finished. Some repair tasks must be performed yearly or more frequently than that. While you can do most of the tasks in that list, there are some that require the assistance of specialists.

Some tasks, like cleaning dryer vents, are jobs only for the professionals. You may think that it is something that you can do on your own but only an HVAC specialist can do the job correctly and safely. Hire the experts in dryer vent cleaning Dearborn MI and let then handle the following issues:

1. Lint

There are homeowners who are willing to clean the lint from their dryer before loading in new clothes. But then, the lint may still get further into the hoses and ductwork even if you clean them diligently. Lint is the most common cause of dryer flames in the US. Lint can stop air from flowing into the vent and cause the dryer to overheat. The heating elements of the dryer may also set lint on fire.

2. Clogged vents

There will be signs that the dryer vents are clogged, and clogged dryer vents are unsafe. If your clothes take forever to dry or aren’t drying fully, then there could be a problem with your vent. If you feel your clothes and they are too hot to your touch, then that’s an issue that has to be addressed too. If the dryer is hotter than it should be after running it or if the air suddenly becomes humid, then you’ve got some dryer vent problems in your hands.

3. Inefficient dryer performance

Failure to clean dryer vents increases the risk of starting a fire. It will also cost you a good amount of money on repairs. Dryers that are not as efficient as they have once been will increase your monthly electric bill. The dryer’s lifespan is also reduced if the vents are not cleaned regularly.

DIY Dryer Vent Cleaning

To determine how frequently you must clean your dryer vent will depend on how often you wash your clothes. Dryer vents should be cleaned once each year at the very least. If you wash tons of clothes regularly, then the build-up of lint is faster than expected. Cleaning dryer vents every quarter is highly recommended.

If you intend to clean those dryer vents on your own, then the first thing you have to do is to unplug it. You may also have to move your dryer from the walls. There are special brushes that you can use to clean dryer vents and ductworks. Use these brushes to clean out the lint cavity.

If you need help in cleaning your dryer vents, then you have to call in the professionals. DIY cleaning is okay but you also must consider the services of the experts in dryer vent cleaning Dearborn MI. These service providers have many years of experience in the field, and they can provide you with not just cleaning services but also maintenance tips and tricks to make sure that your dryer works for a very long time.